Morning coffee in Africa: Sudan – new possibilities to do business

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Online Teams event

Time: 16th September 2021,10 am – 11 am Eastern European Time GMT +3, (Helsinki time)
Venue: Online Teams event
Registration: The event is free of charge but needs registration at latest on the 14th September 2021 here.
The link to the event will be sent to the registered participants on the 15th September 2021.

Sudan is the third largest country on the African continent. The Nile River traverses the country from South to North and its capital Khartoum is the location where the two Niles meet, while the Red Sea makes Sudan a bridge between Africa and the Middle East. It is rich in arable land, culture, and natural resources.

However, until recently, the country’s economic potential was suffocated by a repressive and insular regime, international sanctions, and civil war. A 27-year period of international isolation left Sudan a diplomatic pariah and blocked access to significant investment and financial aid.

The context in Sudan changed significantly in 2019 when a popular revolution including women, youth, and trade unions brought down the former regime and its leader Omer Al-Bashir. The transitional period where civilians share power has brought about a large number of significant reforms and efforts to rehabilitate Sudan into the international community. Read more here.

The event is co-organized by Business Finland and the Africa Business Network of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.


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